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Windows Live Streaming

  • Flat Rate Pricing:

Our pricing model is based on overall server usage. In that way we keep our prices lowest in the industry.

  • No monthly commitment:

Your satisfaction important. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel any time before your next renewal date.

  • Difference between Shared Plans:

Simultaneous users depend on load of server and plans. Ex: Large or Medium Plan customers would get more simultaneous connection than small plan because fewer customers will be at streaming server. You might get between 20 to 1500 simultaneous viewers depending on quality of the stream and number of users connected. Higher level customers will share server with less customers in that way high likely they will get more simultaneous users than lower level plans.

  • Silverlight Streaming Support 
  • Live Statistics, Free support for website integration & encoder setup. Windows 2003/2008 Platform. .. 

About Our Windows Media Streaming Services
Fast Streaming When Windows Media Player 9 Series connects to a server running Windows Media Services 9 Series, broadband users can benefit from the Fast Streaming technologies of Windows Media 9 Series providing an instant-on/always on playback experience.

Standard Features
  1. Advanced Live Statistics and Reporting
  2. Fully Redundant Load Balanced
  3. Network Windows Server 2003/2008 Platform Free
  4. Technical Support, 24/7
Fast Start
Fast Start eliminates buffering time whether playing a single piece of content, or switching seamlessly between on-demand clips or broadcast channels to deliver to users an instant-on playback experience.

Fast Cache
Communicating with the Windows Media 9 Series server, Windows Media Player caches the stream as far in advance as the network connection will allow, reducing the likelihood of an interruption in play caused by network issues.

Fast Reconnect 
Windows Media Player 9 Series automatically restores live or on-demand connections if it is disconnected during a broadcast instead of simply displaying an error and quitting. Combined with the Fast Cache technology, most users will not even know their player was disconnected from the server.

Package for Live Streaming Start from 13500/-