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Faith Streaming

Extend Your Community Reach with Complete Streaming Platform

Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. supports many organizations around the world, including many Christian Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and other religious ministries and institutions looking to spread their message to viewers worldwide via Live or Video-On-Demand services. We are passionately driven to serve and assist you and your organization to fulfill its unique, God-driven vision in growing online streaming world. Contact us or give us a call +91-9785631804 today, and let's get started!

  • We are designing your iPhone Mobile Page Free for medium/large plans
  • Free Blackberry/Android Mobile Page Design for large plan.

  About Faith Streaming Plans:

  • Flat Rate Pricing: Our pricing model is based on overall server usage. In that way we keep our prices lowest in the industry.
  • Our streaming servers are especially optimized for faith based live streaming.
  • Higher level customers will share server with less customers in that way high likely they will get more simultaneous users than lower level plans.
  • Simultaneous users depend on load of server and plans. Ex: Large or Medium Plan customers would get more simultaneous connection than small plan because fewer customers will be at streaming server. You might get between 20 to 1500 simultaneous viewers depending on quality of the stream and number of users connected.
  • Medium plan users will get free iPhone Streaming account.
  • Large plan users will get free iPhone, Blackberry, Android Streaming account.
  • Free support for website integration and encoder setup.
  • Choice of Windows Media or Flash Streaming.
  • Inform us about your worship streaming dates and we can monitor your streaming extensively

Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. Faith Streaming Experiences:
We are constantly expanding and enhancing our solutions to ensure they provide you and your intended audience with the best possible online experience. We have solutions that grow as you grow.
So whether your online audience is in the hundreds or hundreds of thousands, we’ve got you covered.
Our state of art online streaming platform makes it easy and affordable to use video, audio and other rich media to communicate your message to a broader audience and in more compelling ways.

Technical Support Expertise:
Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. highly skilled team of client service specialists monitors your live broadcasts from our command center based in USA providing 24/7 monitoring. This helps ensure that you and your online audience continually receive the highest quality streaming broadcasts. You and your online audience always has access to real-time and/or email support before, during and after your live broadcasts. Our team has a proven track record, and no other company has more experience in delivering faith-based Internet broadcasts than us.

Minimum Requirement Checklist: 

  • Audio or Video equipment (digital is recommended)
  • A computer (or a laptop with fire wire is recommended)
  • Windows Media or Flash Media Encoder
  • A high speed Internet connection.
  • Also any necessary cables to connect all of your equipment.

Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. supports Faith Based Organizations around the World Benefits to Faith Based Streaming
Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. is the leading provider of new media services that connects you and your audience worldwide. We share the vision of passionate faith leaders to expand the partnerships, promote their products, and grow the community. They are many challenges for faith based communities today. You can extend your community reach via our online streaming. Our Affordable & Effective Live Audio/Video Streaming platform will let you to reach your followers. You can also reach your followers via mobile/smart phones. Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. is the perfect solution for religious institution who wishes to share the good news to a broader audience, reaching those who may not have been reached before. You now have the ability to expand your ministry to reach people by the thousands without bearing the monthly maintenance cost.

Package for Live Streaming Start from 13500/-