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Event Live Streaming

Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. is providing easy solutions for one time event streaming. If you just need streaming for one day, you don’t need to pay for full month. Just select event date/time (please let us know at least 45 Days before your event) and plan types and we will provide your account information and you are ready for streaming. Your account will be active 72 hours after activation. Please give us a call 9785631804 to discuss broadcasting your event live if you need custom solutions or fill out our custom solution form.

About Our Event Streaming
  • Guaranteed Connection: Events streaming simultaneous connections are always guaranteed based on selected plans.
  • Instant Activation: Your account information will be sent same day before event starts.
  • No Bit Rate Limitation: You can choose best bit rate you desire. We don’t put limit to quality of your streaming.
  • Protected Flash Streaming upon request. Your streaming will only work from your website.
  • Choice of Windows, Flash or iPhone Streaming. Please see related pages to download encoder
Live Event Streaming Examples
By utilizing our Live Event Streaming servers, you can reach a much wider audience across a much larger geographic area. The sights and sounds of your Live Event are then streamed from our servers to your viewers anywhere in the world using a standard Internet connection.

Personal/Social Events
  • Sermons and Oratory
  • Weddings
  • Church Events
  • Family Occasions
  • Reunions
  • Music Concerts
  • Church Services
  • Sporting Events
  • Press Conferences
  • Red Carpet Premieres
  • TV/Radio Shows
Events Business and Industry
  • Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Annual Reports
  • Product Launches
  • Commercial Events
  • Advertising
Education and Instruction
  • Training and Coaching
  • Online Instruction
  • Web Based Distance Learning

Package for Live Streaming Start from 13500/-