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Jhatpat99 Internet Ltd. turns the DVR into a Flash-based app platform. Never Miss Any Program Any More Via our Digital Video Recording (DVR) Application. With the evolution of broadcast television and the ability to watch time-shifted content with pause and seek functionality, why wouldn't that same standard apply to the web? DVR functionality will change the way we consume live video on the web by allowing you to create new ways to interact with live events including Instant Replay, live Clipping, instant VOD, Restart and jump-to-live.

Live DVR is the process of recording or "caching" a live video stream on our server and then enabling viewer access to the live or recorded stream content as it streams. A unique opportunity for this approach is making the video-on-demand (VOD) content available quickly following the live event without the time-consuming requirement of sending, encoding, and uploading it. The recorded content can simply be made available as VOD content.

Standard Features

  • Password protection and billing integration
  • Advanced Live Statistics and Reporting
  • Recording Last 10 Days Programs
  • Fully Redundant Load Balanced Network
  • Linux or Windows Platform
  • Free Technical Support, 24/7

Package for Live Streaming Start from 13500/-